Member Owned GroupCaptive

Why consider a Captive? It’s simple: control. As a member of a group captive, you’re no longer susceptible to the ever-increasing and unpredictable costs imposed by conventional insurance providers year after year. As a member of a group captive, your business will benefit from lower costs, improved risk control, enhanced profit potential, and long-term control of its insurance destiny.

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Who should consider a Captive?

We will assist you in identifying your commercial risk, evaluating the potential solutions, and implementing a long-term plan for managing your risk.

A member-owned group captive is an ideal form of alternative insurance for companies or organizations that share such qualities as:

  • Long-term financial strength and stability
  • Management teams committed to safety, with solid safety programs in place
  • Loss histories that are average or better than average for their respective industries
  • Minimum casualty premiums of $100,000

Risk Solutions and Services

  • Lower Fixed Costs – A group captive only incurs expenses related to service needs of its owners.
  • Retain Investment Income – Captive members retain investment income rather than transferring it to the carrier.
  • Insulation from Market Swings – Captive members are not subject to the volatile pricing cycles of the conventional insurance market.
  • Better Service, More Control – Group captives strategically purchase insurance coverage to manage predictable losses and transfer catastrophic expenses.
  • Enhanced Profit Potential – As a captive member, you are rewarded for risk control with dividends directly related to your own loss performance.

“We have been working with Van Wyk for five years now. They understand our business, which I find to be a real advantage in sorting through the various types of insurance coverage we need. Van Wyk has taken a comprehensive approach to risk management and has introduced our company to some very creative and fiscally beneficial ideas.”

Ken Baugh
Pivot Interiors