Member Owned GroupCaptive

Why consider a Captive? It’s simple: control. As a member of a group captive, you’re no longer susceptible to the ever-increasing and unpredictable costs imposed by conventional insurance providers year after year. As a member of a group captive, your business will benefit from lower costs, improved risk control, enhanced profit potential, and long-term control of its insurance destiny.

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Who should consider a Captive?

We will assist you in identifying your commercial risk, evaluating the potential solutions, and implementing a long-term plan for managing your risk.

A member-owned group captive is an ideal form of alternative insurance for companies or organizations that share such qualities as:

– Long-term financial strength and stability.

– Management teams committed to safety, with solid safety programs in place.

– Loss histories that are average or better than average for their respective industries.

– Minimum casualty premiums of $100,000.

Risk Solutions and Services

  • Lower Fixed Costs – A group captive only incurs expenses related to service needs of its owners.
  • Retain Investment Income – Captive members retain investment income rather than transferring it to the carrier.
  • Insulation from Market Swings – Captive members are not subject to the volatile pricing cycles of the conventional insurance market.
  • Better Service, More Control – Group captives strategically purchase insurance coverage to manage predictable losses and transfer catastrophic expenses.
  • Enhanced Profit Potential – As a captive member, you are rewarded for risk control with dividends directly related to your own loss performance.