Knowledge & Experience

Van Wyk has six company values that are central to our business operation: Knowledge & Experience, Custom Tailored, Creative, Integrity, Ownership, and Partnership. Our employees strive to live out these values both in our relationships with clients, and our relationships with one another.


What sets Van Wyk apart from other brokers in terms of knowledge & experience?

At Van Wyk, you are promised the full attention of a boutique firm and the knowledge, experience, and horsepower of a large company. Our team of licensed insurance professionals and consultants collectively utilize their decades of experience to deliver upon our promise of valuable counsel and effective risk solutions.

Despite being a 38-year-old company, our employees have a combined 400+ years of insurance industry experience. All of our employees, from our marketing department to our accounting department, are licensed insurance agents. Several of our employees have been with our company for over 20 years. Before coming to Van Wyk, many of our other employees previously worked on the insurance carrier side, providing them with a well-rounded understanding of how the industry operates, while others have previous experience in legal and financial service occupations.

Working as team, our employees are able to use their diverse and perceptive backgrounds to unite under one common goal: to serve our clients. Listen for yourself about what our clients have to say.

We want to help you reach your goals. Rest assured that our employees will keep your best interests in mind: Van Wyk employees work on salary, not commission. Our employees will use their business intellect to fully support your needs. No matter how simple or complex, know that your Van Wyk team is utilizing their years of industry knowledge & experience to craft a personalized solution unique to you.

While able to build powerful risk management programs, our team is also friendly and accessible, happy to answer any questions and take time to explain any insurance changes. In addition to our employees’ direct knowledge, we also have access to a variety of resources to keep you informed and help you run your business. Discover a host of tools, services and resources to help you collaborate better, minimize risks, promote wellness, prevent losses and stay in compliance.

An entire team of experienced insurance professionals, here when you need us. That’s what sets us apart. Fill out the form below to start a conversation, and connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up-to-date on industry news and tips.