Van Wyk has six company values that are central to our business operation: Knowledge & Experience, Custom-Tailored, Creative, Integrity, Ownership, and Partnership. Our employees strive to live out these values both in our relationships with clients, and our relationships with one another.


How do we exercise integrity to serve your specific businessemployee benefits, and personal needs?


I love their culture. It’s based on integrity. It permeates the organization and we’ve built a wonderful, trusting relationship over the years” – Dan Gordon, Gordon Food Service

Act with integrity and keep one’s word: It may sound basic, but it’s at the core of who we are. A person or a business is only as good as their word, and you can take confidence that when we say something, we mean it and we stick to it. Just listen to what our clients have to say.

In 1982, after more than a decade of climbing the corporate ladder of a large, national insurance provider, Max Van Wyk knew that his work all came down to the life-long value in which he firmly believed: that we are placed on this earth to serve rather than to be served. In 1982, Max took a leap of faith and opened the doors of his own independent insurance agency, which has grown to professionally and respectfully serve clients both locally and globally.

Integrity and a commitment to service has helped us grow to who we are today… a team of commercial, personal, and employee benefits leaders in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. We have a combined 180+ years of insurance industry experience, with several employees serving our company for 20+ years. We ask the right questions, we pay attention, and you deserve our best.

Integrity has helped us become a trusted leader in the insurance industry. Van Wyk employees work on salary, not commission, so you can rest assured that our employees will always collaborate on your behalf. All of our employees, from our marketing department to our accounting department, are licensed insurance agents. Your insurance program is in the best hands, from introductory meeting to renewal.

Our team is friendly and accessible, happy to answer any questions and take time to explain any insurance changes. In addition to our employees’ direct knowledge, we also have access to a variety of resources to keep you informed and help you run your business. Discover a host of tools, services and resources to help you collaborate better, minimize risks, promote wellness, prevent losses and stay in compliance. We love helping our clients reach their goals.

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