4 Simple Steps to Plan Ahead for a Disaster for Quicker Recovery

Disasters can occur at any time and completely interrupt a business’s progress, potentially causing significant setbacks that threaten the health of the organization. Although disasters are often unpredictable, it is possible for businesses to prepare themselves for disaster scenarios to minimize damage. By following these simple steps, businesses can improve their chances for a quick recovery after a disaster:

  1. Identify the most likely disasters—Although the word disaster may conjure up images of earthquakes or wildfires, disasters can also include much more common events such as employee errors, power outages or technological malfunctions. To effectively prepare your business, identify the disasters that are most likely to affect your business.
  2. Identify the processes, people, equipment and materials most vital to your business’s operations—Each business is unique and relies heavily on certain resources to maintain effective daily operation. Identify these critical resources and develop a plan to recover them in the event of a disaster.
  3. Develop a disaster recovery plan—The most effective way to recover from a disaster is to have a plan in place for every likely scenario. Develop a plan to keep your business and its employees safe in the event of a disaster, including an evacuation route and meeting place. Consider what to do if your building is inaccessible after a disaster, employees cannot come back to work or property is damaged. Routinely review and practice the plan with employees. Learn more about business continuity planning here.
  4. Have the appropriate insurance coverage—Make sure you’re insured for potential risks, and never be afraid to ask your insurance agent questions if you’re unsure about what your policy covers. Learn more about the advantages of placing your insurance with Van Wyk and contact us below with any questions.

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